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What is WebXR?

  According to Mozilla Corporation, one of the main creators of virtual reality API for the internet. "WebXR is a group of standards which are used together to support rendering 3D scenes to hardware designed for presenting virtual worlds (virtual reality, or VR), or for adding graphical imagery or objects to the real world, (augmented reality, or AR).
  The WebXR API is used for features, such as managing the selection of output devices, render the 3D scene to the chosen device at the appropriate frame rate, and manage motion vectors created using input controllers."

MDN Web Docs WebXR Device API

What is spatial planning?

  Spatial planning systems refer to the methods and approaches used by the public and private sector to influence the distribution of people and activities in spaces of various scales.
  Spatial planning can be defined as the coordination of practices and policies affecting spatial organization. Discrete professional disciplines which involve spatial planning include land use, urban, regional, transport and environmental planning. Other related areas are also important, including economic and community planning.
  Spatial planning takes place on local, regional, national and inter-national levels and often results in the creation of a spatial plan.

Spatial planning definition

About this project

  The project aims to test the possibilities of WebXR technology in spatial planning. This application is a collection of prototype examples of the use of WebXR in spatial planning, relating to both virtual and augmented reality. The project is financed under the „Inicjatywa doskonałości – Uczelnia badawcza” at the University of Adam Mikiewicz in Poznań.
  The application was created based on the three.js API that allows to create a 3d content in a web browser and the WebXR API. Blender software was used to create 3D models for the project.
  For examples regarding virtual reality, it is recommended to use virtual reality devices such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. For examples based on augmented reality, it is recommended to use a smartphone with strong components